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  AKTIVITAS :  06/09/2019

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Distributor Surveying Forestri, Mining, Hidrologi, Laboratory, Tabung Curah Hujan, Garmin, Suunto, Flagging Tape, Surveying Umbrella, Planimeter KP 90N, DLL.
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RUKO WISMA HARAPAN BLOK E1-NO.34 Jl. Regensi 2, Gembor, Periuk TANGERANG 15131, BantenIndonesia

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( 021 ) 2943 3824

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0896-1574-0924 / 0812-8855-0107

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BCA, Mandiri, BNI, BRI


“ With GPS and mapping software like Maptitude, you can embark on geographic projects once left to professionals. For example, a salesperson can mark the locations of customers visited, a developer can map the boundaries of a new subdivision, and an electrician can trace lines for miles. Once data has been collected in the computer, all sorts of measurements and predictions are possible.” Damian Joseph, Bloomburg Business
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